Thursday, April 8, 2010

Star Wars in limericks

I've been working with limericks in a course called Classical Writing.  For fun, I wrote out a bit of the Star Wars saga in limericks.  A very small portion of the series, and the last one doesn't flow very well but they're still pretty funny.

There was a half robot named Darth,
Whose last name was Vader not Marth;
Known for being an evil,
Metallic old deevil,
I guess that’s why they call him Darth!

There was a young farmer named Luke,
A hero with force powers that spook;
Known for walking on sky,
“Uncle Owen!” he cried,
“I’m a jedi, a jedi named Luke!”

And Luke had some droids, namely two,
One was tall, one was short, both were cute,
And the one spoke a lot,
Many tongues for a bot,
But R2 just stuttered, “Bee ba boo!”

And soon Luke and Darth had a fight,
Swinging blue and red sabers of light;
And when Luke exclaimed, “Father!”,
The Emperor sighed, “Bother.”
And abruptly gave end to that fight!

T’was joy in the worlds, the Empire lost,
But winning always has a big cost,
Vader lay on his deathbed,
“Bee ba boo hoo,” R2 said,
T’was another Skywalker’s life lost.


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